On West Hartford, CT Marriage Counseling: Transcending the Honeymoon

Some people feel that the honeymoon phase is all there is to marriage, so as soon as reality sets in, they jump ship at the first dock they find. At the opposite end of the spectrum are states like Connecticut, where the divorce rate is as minute as 8 in every 1,000 couples. This might be thanks in part to the fact that more families in the state are choosing to repair their bond through services like marriage counseling in West Hartford, CT.



Here are some signs that you too, might be in need of counseling:

Wilting Communication

Ah, the honeymoon phase, where every moment presents a reason to talk to your partner about anything from the most essential to the most mundane of topics. However, this endless stream of talk isn’t bound to last forever, and if at some point you feel like an air of hesitation and secrets is growing between the two of you, it might be a call to get professional help before you grow further apart.


Marriage counseling isn’t just for couples falling apart, though— it’s also for those who have undergone heavy trauma in their lives, such as the loss of a child. This is a very serious issue that you must face with your partner; people, however, deal with grief differently, and you might eventually find yourselves at odds about how to handle it along with your relationship.

Lingering Issues

Are there past issues that one or both of you just couldn’t seem to let go of? Huffington Post contributor Jenny Tiegs says that it might be a sign that you need professional help:

“One type of red flag that usually can be greatly helped by therapy is an issue that has been difficult in the relationship from the beginning, but regardless of endless discussions, never seems to pass,” explains Dr. Julie Gurner. “When you see that the same issues are coming up again and again in disagreements, it is a good sign they are not effectively being resolved and the couple is at a ‘sticking point.’” Dr. Gurner encourages couples to seek help to save “many years of trouble down the road.”

Whatever your issues with your spouse may be, always remember that at some point in your lives, you were deeply in love, and to let go of everything you’ve been through just because of the smallest things is the biggest waste of your time. So instead of giving up at the first hurdle, why don’t you visit a reputable psychologist in West Hartford, CT like those in Sweeney Therapy and try to work things out first?

(Source: Marriage Counseling: 7 Signs You Might Need Professional Help, Huffington Post)

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