Fix Your Partner’s Gadget Mania with a Counselor in West Hartford, CT

The emergence of smartphones and other portable gadgets may have made life a lot easier, but this has also led to the phenomenon of some people being more attached to technology than to the people around them. If your spouse spends most of his or her time in front of a laptop or a mobile device, even during your intimate moments, chances are your partner might have a gadget obsession. An analysis posted in Business 2 Community even suggested that what these people feel for their gadgets is akin to love:

According to a spate of recent studies, people might actually be in love with their gadgets. In one nonscientific yet nonetheless compelling study of people’s brain activity when responding to their iPhones, readouts were strikingly similar to hearing the sound of their partner or child’s voice. In a recent NPR series on this topic, journalist Matt Richtel explains that the neuroscience behind our obsession with gadgets goes back to the basics of being human. Cell phone rings and email alerts cause little bursts of adrenaline, and the more accustomed we get to these adrenaline rushes, the more we feel we can’t live without them.

How to Deal With Your Partners Gadget Obsession

If your partner accords more time and attention to his or her gadgets than to you, it may be time to step up and fix the problem. The first step is to admit that there is in fact a gadget obsession. Confront your partner and discuss what you can do to lessen or eliminate this mania. Tapping the help of a counselor from West Hartford, CT can be a huge step in resolving your relationship troubles.

You can also try setting boundaries for your gadgets. Set a specific time in which your partner can access his or her devices. This way, you can monitor and control how and when your partner gets wired, so to speak. Keeping your partner away from their gadgets will also give you more time to spend together and participate in common activities that can help curb each other’s unhealthy habits.

Gadget obsession is a problem that has a visible effect on how relationships are conducted. This issue can be easily managed with the help of marriage counselors in CT, since these professionals are specifically trained to devise cooperative solutions between mutually consenting parties. Don’t let any fixation get in the way of the love and the vows you’ve already shared.

(Source: How to Deal With Your Partner’s Gadget Obsession, Business 2 Community)

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