Marriage Counseling in West Hartford, CT Can Strengthen Marital Bonds

You might think it’s extreme to visit a psychologist in West Hartford, CT to get help with your marriage. However, an early visit to one, or to a qualified therapist or counselor, can help head off any future problems. You may not have screaming fights with your significant other, but this does not mean there is no compelling reason to go in for counseling. contributor Sarah Brooks takes a look at some of the reasons a couple should go to a counselor, even when there are no overt signs of marital problems. At the top of the list is weak communication between spouses:

You no longer communicate

It’s normal for couples to fight — and in fact it’s healthier to fight than to not say anything at all. If you’re fighting, you’re communicating (learn how to fight fair here). Trouble begins when communication ends. When was the last time you and your spouse sat down and really talked? If you can’t remember, schedule a date night with your spouse pronto and reconnect. A marriage counselor is great at getting the communication going again, so even if you’re not being mean or negative towards each other, counseling may be necessary.

Its Time For Counseling

Learning how to communicate meaningfully is one of the things you can get when you enter into marriage counseling in West Hartford, CT with licensed counselors like Scott Sweeney of Sweeney Therapy.

Another reason to see a marriage counselor would be a change in your sex life. A gradual loss of intimacy between spouses is often seen as a warning sign of problems to come. However, the reverse may also be true. A sudden increase in sexual activity can be an indication that feelings of arousal are originating from outside the marriage. Consulting with a counselor can clear things up, and help you and your partner become aware of the sexual health of your marriage.

Reoccurring issues can also be a reason for getting in touch with a counselor. Repeated hot-button concerns that come up, such as how to parent your child or how to deal with your family finances, need to be resolved before they become worse. If you find yourself arguing about the same thing over and over without getting anything resolved, a marriage counselor can help untangle the knot.

Finally, if you just want to strengthen your connection with your partner, a marriage counselor can help with that. Just like going to a mechanic for an oil-change and a tune-up, a relationship needs constant work to keep operating. Constant efforts to tighten the bond with your significant other help ensure that your relationship will survive the rough patches life throws at you.

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