Mens Group

Since the dawn of time, men have formed groups in ritual, to hunt, in exploration, play, make important decisions, and delve into the enigma’s of life. However in todays society boys start shutting down by age six due to conditioning by both parents and society. Boys are discouraged to express vulnerable feelings, can be seen as weak, or effeminate. “Boys’ don’t cry,” is one of the most erroneous and damaging stories that is told. Emotionally gifted boys grow up into being emotionally stunted men.
Today many men lack deep connections with other men. Some may have “buddies” but quite often those relationships tend to be superficial. Most men get close only to women. A growing number of men are starting to feel the need of bonded relationships with other men, but are unsure how to find them.

A wonderful solution is a “men’s group”. Through a mutual interest in forming deeper connections, regularity of contact, and guided support a men’s groups can provide fulfillment and rich male relationships. A men’s group encourages its participants to re-learn the language of feelings, a long since forgotten vocabulary. Men’s groups provides men with the opportunity to safely acknowledge and share feelings, overcome isolation and build friendships. Having a good support system is good medicine and critical to one’s well-being. Scott co-facilitates a Men’s Group at Hartford Family Institute. If you think you are interested and could benefit from such a group please contact Scott.