Substance Abuse Counseling

Counseling is a way to receive non-judgmental support, clarity and guidance from a neutral source. Addictions have many underlying root issues, and therefore it is integral to recognize those dynamics at play. Addictions have an effect on one’s mind, body, spirit and emotions. Addiction left untreated only becomes more problematic and chronic.

The primary objective of a counselor is to support one’s highest and best living through means of sobriety. Staying “clean and sober” requires ongoing vigilance, and recidivism (chronic relapse into crime) among substance abusers is often a painful reality, however with the proper tools and assistance it is also a completely attainable reality.

Substance abuse counseling requires patience, compassion, and a keen desire to help others in crisis. Addiction tends to be all encompassing and therefore there is no quick fix recovery. Counseling aids one to overcome cravings, behaviors and thoughts which support the endless cycle of substance abuse.

Addiction has a very high co-morbidity rate with other disorders such as depression and anxiety so it is important to gain insight and support in numerous areas of one’s life. The process of addictions counseling addresses the identified addiction as well as issues that may co-exist, in regards to family, relationships, employment, education, spirituality, physical health, mental health and legal concerns.

Substance abuse counselors can also refer patients to a variety of other services that may help provide a stable foundation from which one can fight their addiction as they often work closely with a variety of other health and human service professionals, social workers, lawyers, welfare agents state employees and private practitioners.

Gifted Substance Abuse Counselor

What sets Scott Sweeney apart from other substance abuse counselors in West Hartford, CT is that he personally understands the struggles involved with addiction. Having overcome anger management issues and addiction at an early age, he now dedicates his practice to helping other people conquer their own challenges and pursue personal growth.

Scott combines extensive knowledge on therapies and an innate compassion to provide individuals with a relaxed and accepting environment so that effective communication can take place. His welcoming nature and direct approach enable him to facilitate discussions in a non-judgmental manner.

Aside from substance abuse counseling, Scott Sweeney also provides couples counseling and anger management therapy. Whether a person is experiencing depression, feeling isolation or excessive anger, or suffering from all kinds of addiction, Scott can shed light into core issues that bring about these difficulties. Call (860) 212-1733 today to schedule a counseling session or visit our Contact page to learn more about therapies and services.