Why Get Sober?

There are many reasons to choose sobriety, but namely because addiction becomes a spiraling abyss and usually leaves no stone unscathed in one’s life. Addiction manifests its symptoms in our lives, physically, financially, psychologically, socially and spiritually. The characteristics of addiction include impairment in controlling behaviors, cravings, abstinence along with a diminished realization of the problems that arises in one’s relationships and behaviors. Addiction is a viscous cycle, marked by chronic relapses and remissions, justified and warranted by excuses and denials. Addiction is also progressive; there is no waking up one day to find that addiction has merely moved on. We only build up tolerances in our body causing one in addiction to resort to higher amounts of dependency in order to maintain a baseline level.

Health Problems: There are numerous health complications that result from addiction. Notice the word intoxicated. Substance abuse is no different than poisoning ones body.

Most people show signs of aging drastically.

All organs are harmed, skin, brain, liver, intestines, gall bladder, and kidneys just to name a few. Your body becomes a breeding ground for vascular complications, digestive disorders, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, loss of muscle tone and increased risk of strokes and heart attacks. Anyone with pre-existing or hereditary medical conditions make the risks much more likely.
There are also the potential risks of terminal diseases and infections as Hepatitis and HIV/Aids, in cases of shared drug use, not to mention death.

There is also severe impairment of psychological functions such as memory loss, impaired cognitions, and judgment/decision making. Addiction may trigger or exacerbate mental disorders, particularly in individuals with specific vulnerabilities.
Relationship issues both with loved one’s and one’s self. Getting sober warrants a new level of self-respect, self confidence and self love which is very powerful. In the clutches of addiction we lose self-respect, which never leads to positive outcomes in our relationships, jobs/careers and the choices we make in general.

Getting sober opens the door to all the doors we may have closed with those we love. It allows us to finally put out the smoldering bridges we may have burned and have healthy relationships with those that we may have intentionally or unintentionally harmed, and don’t we usually hurt the one’s we love?

To truly be the master of your own destiny. Getting sober means having a clear head, being reawakened to the joys and love in life. To live from a place of hope and not despair. Sobriety is a journey through life on a path of deliberate choice instead of living by default. Although this path may come with trials and tribulations as, you will be able to find more purpose and meaning in your life. By taking control of your experiences and life you may then stand as an example to others. There is no greater teacher than the examples you set forth and the actions you choose.