Therapeutic Services

Scott Sweeney understands that each and every person has a story to tell—and he is ready to listen. As a licensed counsellor and practicing therapist since 1991, Scott has in-depth understanding in a wide spectrum of therapy modalities. A psychologist in West Hartford, CT, he utilizes a combination of directness and compassion in providing services such as:

Individual Counseling

There are moments when we seem to be at war with ourselves. Life’s many ups and downs may take their toll on our peace of mind and the way we view ourselves or relate to others. Scott Sweeney facilitates individual counseling sessions with an atmosphere of acceptance and calm so that personal issues and interpersonal problems can be discussed in confidence.

Scott’s Connecticut counseling sessions can tackle anxiety, depression, and anger management issues. For personal growth, particular challenges can be addressed or a better understanding of past issues can be developed. Individuals who need to sort our relationship problems can also benefit from an enlightening discussion.

Couples Counseling

All relationships have both constructive and destructive patterns. The important thing is to never lose sight of the good and work on the bad; couples also need to understand that overcoming challenges require commitment. There is no quick fix when it comes to problems in a relationship, but working together can start the healing process.

Couples counseling enables effective communication in a non-intimidating environment. This therapy allows couples to speak their minds and discuss feelings—vital steps when it comes to difficulties like communication breakdowns, repetitive arguments, and residual feelings of anger. Communicating and relating are key components of healthy and long-lasting relationships.

Anger Management

Contrary to what most people believe, anger is a natural human emotion and can help empower us to act accordingly on perceived threats against our well-being. Mismanagement of anger is the problem. Mismanaged anger can be a fleeting feeling or a full-blown rage, and can wreak havoc in our personal and professional lives if left uncontrolled.

Addiction, divorce, workplace violence, road rage, and domestic abuse are just few outcomes of this uncontrollable and unpredictable emotion. Mismanaged anger can leave us powerless and in continuous conflict with the world around us. Anger management can help individuals determine the signals of an impending rage and transform the raw emotion into a positive and controlled response.

Taking the Next Step

If you are in need of a psychologist or marriage counseling in West Hartford, CT, contact Scott Sweeney and you will find a kindred spirit that can help with your struggles. He can help you understand the issues that lie within and effectively manage difficult feelings in a positive manner.

Realize, recover and take the next step. Call (860) 212-1733 to learn more about available therapies or to schedule an appointment.