Couples Counseling

At the onset of your relationship with your spouse, both of you may have felt that your union was guaranteed to last forever, and that any challenge can be easily weathered with the help of your strong feelings. Now, while this romantic notion can be true for some couples, it takes more than your feelings to get through all the challenges that will be thrown at your marriage. You need to have a true understanding of what it takes to get through the different hurdles in your relationship. As marriage counselors in West Hartford, CT, we can help you deal with some of these challenges.

Understanding Each Other

“Understand the past so that you may understand the present and heal.” The basis of how we “do” our relationships is formed in our childhood relationships. Long lasting, successful relationships can be hard work at times. It’s normal for couples to experience ups and downs. Every relationship has its challenges; some may prove to be more difficult than others. Overcoming the difficulties in your relationship takes work. Every relationship carries constructive and destructive patterns within it. The key to healing relationships is for the couple to understand their destructive patterns.

Couples counseling provides a more effective way to communicate with your significant other. While ultimately the health and survival of a relationship are dependent on the two individuals involved, having external parties – in this case a seasoned counselor like Scott Sweeney – providing an unbiased perspective and input can be greatly beneficial. Counseling provides valuable tools for couples who want to build and or maintain a healthy and long-lasting relationship. A marriage counseling session provides a supportive environment where specific issues can be addressed.

Resolving Issues

The aim of couple’s counseling is to help a couple deal appropriately with their immediate problems and to learn better ways of communicating and relating. It is a constructive modality to help those who may be experiencing difficulties such as communication breakdowns, repetitive arguments, feelings of distance or emptiness in the relationship, residual and pervasive feelings of anger, resentment, dissatisfaction or lack of interest or affection.

Some specific symptoms why couples enter into counseling are:

  • Disagreements about money and finances
  • Marital infidelity/ Sexual Issues
  • Job or occupational concerns
  • Constant arguing/Resentments/Blaming
  • Emotional needs going unmet
  • Emotional distancing
  • Drifting apart
  • Parenting Issues
  • Divorce/Separation

These are all common issues in relationships, but do not necessarily have to be the only reason you seek the advice of a counselor or the aid of therapeutic services. Whatever specific issues you may be experiencing can be worked through. You and your significant other have to want your relationship to work. Realizing the benefits of seeking outside support and guidance is the first step to procure a long lasting, fulfilling and healthy relationship.